The AllaprimA Foundation establishes a co-operation project named ‘Triangle-Rock’ with art residency partners from Turkey, Spain and Finland at site-specific, rural rock areas with authentic cultural sources.

The Triangle-Rock project hosts selected professional artists in three residencies in different rural rock areas within a year.

The Triangle-Rock art program provides the center-point and focus where artists will base their artistic projects on.

The program provides a rotating system in which selected artists will experience at least two residencies in different rural rock environments to explore the various European civilizations from a different angel.

The project encourages new and experimental forms of art production through intensive artists’ collaboration based on a concept provided by the Triangle-Rock program.

The presentation of the art production includes the entire various outcomes in a kaleidoscopic digital setting on the web and printed.


With partners in rural border regions of Europe a start will be made to explore the spirit and potential of exceptional geographic and cultural isolated rock environs as an authentic cultural and artistic source for artists. It is the rural perspective what will challenge artists to see the various European civilizations from a different angel. This experience will finally contribute to an interesting exchange between artists reflecting on the civilizations/societies in rural rock environs and urban parts of Europe. New and experimental forms of art production will be developed through intensive collaboration of artists with diverse cultural background. The art production will show the visualized reflection of the artists on the kaleidoscopically identity of the European society. The entire various outcomes will be on the web and also be in a printed presentation.

The Dutch AllaprimA Foundation starts co-operating with art-residency partners from Turkey, Spain and Finland at site-specific, rural rock areas with authentic cultural sources. Artists with diverse cultural background and from different parts of Europe will be invited to explore hidden cultural interfaces of the locations and cross their boundaries in the artistic process and collaboration. It will be interesting to see the European complexity from the perspective of the rural rock environs and also how traditional cultures can active contribute to the expression of the European interlacement. The final aim is to create a European residency network to investigate and exchange, collaborate and produce international multidisciplinary dialogue in new forms of art production on exceptional locations to increase the cultural identity and diversity in Europe in a globalizing and urbanizing world.


The Triangle-Rock partner locations are connected by the specific conditions of their areas.
All are out of the center of Europe.
All are related to rock-environments (old - passed- civilizations that have to "coop" with rocks and stones to survive)
All are "marginal" in two ways, physically (far away from urban areas) and cultural/historical (not an active part of the contemporary social-cultural progress).
All have a mix of cultural influences, from the past, but also recently, and that gives an impact on the local societies.
The cultural diversity is available in small scale with the same result as in urban areas.

The environment of Cappadocia (Central Turkey) is part of the Silk Road and a unique shaped landscape with historical decorated rock churches and pigeon houses cut in volcanic tufa stone. Cappadocia is an UNESCO world heritage site with open-air museums like underground cities and authentic historical villages, where inhabitants still live the farmer life of hundreds of years ago.

The natural environment of the high Catalan Pyrenees Mountains - defined by woods with both conifers and deciduous trees, hay fields, steep pastures and craggy rocks - combines with the authenticity of the cultural, architectural and social heritage. Farrera is the highest village in the Coma de Burg and the first of many written references to Farrera’s existence dates back over 1,000 years, but the original human settlement was undoubtedly founded well before then.

The national heritage SAKSALANHARJU-KIRKONKYLÄ, located on the biggest monolith of Europe, is an ancient settlement site. Saksala is an old neighborhood with tranquil landscape, designed with fields, forests and lake. The authentic rural area has a pure and traditional culture, based on agriculture and forestry. The main village Haukivuori has now a days a multicultural mix of inhabitants.


The program provides a rotating system in which selected artists will experience at least two residencies in different rural rock environments to explore the various European civilizations from a different angel.
The artists will participate in different composition in sessions of minimum 4 weeks in successive residencies in/on and between rocks.
Through intense dialogue the arts professionals will communicate verbally and visually. The art production includes all visual arts like sculpting, painting/drawing, photography, installation, site-specific, community-based-art, video and/ or mixed media.

The artists and the works will circulate between the different locations.
In order to get acquainted and involved with the location, the artists will need to explore the environment, both the nature and the rural culture. The impact of place is different for every artist. The confrontation with specific rural circumstances is a challenge for artists to start the intense dialogue and exchange in art works. The atmosphere in landscape and climate, and the mood and attitude of the people of different cultures living in the country side will offer the specific impressions to the artists.
The locations will also add the inter-cultural aspect based on human interest. In the different places the artists will meet those small communities, like villagers, farmers and other locals. The artists are also intending to cooperate and produce together with local communities whom they deem valuable for the artistic exchange.


The project will active contribute to a positive self-awareness of people living in external areas in Europe through the active participation of artists with different cultural background. It will also contribute to more knowledge of these areas.

With the different backgrounds and all the different influences of every specific place, the outcome of the project will show the uniqueness of the selected locations and the process of changing of the artists. The challenging conditions will improve new and experimental forms of art production that can be documented and published.

The Triangle-Rock project will contribute to cultural exchange, cultural diversity and increase awareness of historical and cultural knowledge, as well as the emergence of new traditions and contemporary cultural heritage. Awareness will be raised for both the artists attending and the local people.


Through collaboration and art production of different artists a renewed rural cultural activity will go throughout Europe.
It will increase the cultural knowledge and understanding of peripheral regions.
It will increase the cultural identity and diversity in Europe in a globalizing and urbanizing world.
It will create new forms of European art based on cultural diversity.
The contribution of external regions will strengthen their cultural connection with Europe.


project period 2010/2011:
- winter 2010 preparing the locations, criteria, and start call and selecting artists
- spring/summer 2010 executing the project in the residencies
- summer 2010 collecting the registration of the process and art production
- autumn 2010 listing, rubricating, documenting the material and interweave the outcome into an experimental digital presentation
- winter 2011 world wide presentation and publication in co-operation with the residencies

The organizing organization is the AllaprimA Foundation - the Netherlands

The partners in the Triangle Rocks Project are:
Babayan Culture House - Turkey
Centre d'Art i Natura - Spain
AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry -Finland in cooperation with art centre Saksala ArtRadius

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