Based on its planned international art project MY ROOTS FOR THE FUTURE AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry has been invited by SART (stichting Art Twekkelo - Netherlands) to participate in their initiated transnational LEADER/LAG project "A LOVELY PLACE".
SART (Art Twekkelo Foundation), Holland AREFS in Finland, European Artists in Sweden and SART will become partners in the transnational project 'A Lovely Place'.
The main purpose of the project is to contribute to rural development by creative activity.
Through interviews and meetings with local citizens love affaires in the region and the love for the region will be registered. This information is a source of inspiration for artists to create art works in the field of: poetry, music, theatre, installations. In three successive years the results will be presented in art performances in the region. These expressions will also be showed in the nearby cities as an invitation to explore art in "A Lovely Place".

The first part project has been the community activity MATTIAS MUISTOMERKKI.

PRINTING and POETRY in RURAL EXCHANGE for children (and their parents).

As the landscape is part of one's identity, it creates the condition of one's view on reality. The rural landscape of the small villages is an important base for young children. It is their nature and they are part of it.

On different rural locations children will be invited to start printing and making poems about their view on the own surroundings. Through printing (mono-print and silk-screen) children will be able to develop different forms, compositions and lay-outs to express their thoughts, views and feelings related to the landscape they grow up. It is the intention to work in small groups which each finally will compose a book with prints and text in a limited edition.

During the workshops children will observe, register, draw, and photograph their own environment. By collecting visual and verbal information and searching individual essential values children will select the forms and text they can use to print and to write. Parents can participate in assisting their child and to be involved how their child experiences their environment.

The printings and poems will be part of a small and limited publication, which will be shared through the group and will be part of the exchange with children in rural Netherlands.

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