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It is possible for companies, institutions, and private persons to sponsor the AllaprimA Foundation. It is possible to sponsor the Foundation in general, but also to adopt, contribute or participate in a special project or program.

The project 'kindertekeningen' with an exhibition in the KUNSTHAL-ROTTERDAM, University of Braga PT, and the publication 'kindertekeningen, een beeldverhaal' (child art a story of images) was very successful through contributions of a large number of companies, organizations and private persons.

The art education project FLY IN THE SKY as a pre-project for OpeArtEdu in art centre Saksala ArtRadius was successful, teachers and children have participated in this program. The AllaprimA Foundation has contribute with expertise and by the book 'kindertekeningen, een beeldverhaal'.

From 2005
The AllaprimA Foundation is supporting the artist-in-residence program of international art centre Saksala ArtRadius in Finland.
With sponsoring it will be possible to select more artists to have an artist-in-residence period in the art center.

The art education project OpeArtEdu, a project from the regional Arts Council in co-operation with Mikkeli education department and art centre Saksala ArtRadius, has been successful.
The two international art education symposiums NATURALLY ART were at the start and the end of the project.
The exhibition SILMÄT AUKI (open eyes) with child art will be the beginning of a new international exchange in art education.  
With contribution from sponsors it will be possible to continue with new presentations, workshops and exhibitions on different other locations, like Russia (St Petersburg), Austria (Vienna) and the Netherlands.

The AllaprimA Foundation is supporting Dutch artists in the international collaboration project CROSSROADS SAKSALANHARJU.
With contribution of sponsors it will be possible to select more artists for this interesting collaboration project.

The international art project THIS IS OUR NATURE is a cooperation between AREFS art and culture association and SART Foundation. Artists and children visualize in various way their involment with the landscape. This project finally will result in a publation and documentation, and a method for teachers.

Information about sponsoring in general and for projects is available on support companies.

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