AllaprimA Foundation

operating procedure:

AllaprimA Foundation is a non-profit Foundation which has a Board.

1. The aim of the Founding is: to stimulate and develop the quality of imagination and design, and furthermore all that is directly or indirectly related to it or can be conductive to it, in the broadest sense of the word.
2. The Foundation tries to realize the aim among by:
a. organizing and executing e.g. art courses, symposiums, conferences and similar without the intention of making profit;
b. conducting of investigation;
c. giving advices and making publications

The property of the Foundation will be build up by:
- subsidies and donations;
- gifts, testamentary disposition and legacies;
- all other acquisitions and revenues.

The Foundation organizes projects whereby for each project an appropriate organizational form is determined. The Foundation owns no space of its own. If necessary, space and facilities required by the Foundation can be acquired or rented.

Subject to compensation, making available temporary exhibition space, working/housing/studio space and other facilities.
- The initiation and organization of exhibitions, workshops, courses, readings, forums, discussion-platforms and meetings of all kinds.
- To support, gather and give information to participants about public activities such as exhibiting in foreign countries and arranging for the necessary publications.
- To offer a constant, supportive and strong art network.
- Exchange of information and co-operation with organizations of similar or related purposes.
- All activities can be of a temporary or permanent nature, depending on the purpose of the activities or projects.
- Fund-raising.

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