child art





The Bremen Town Musicians - painted by children of the Rantakylä Koulu in Mikkeli 2008 -  show the high quality of the art works of children.

Recommendation by Willem Beerman (NL) Art Teacher's Department, Hogeschool Rotterdam
“Marja was a fantastic good art teacher in the Rotterdam area. Especially with a large group of children which she coached during almost 20 years. She made a great impression with exhibitions and lectures during the Rotterdam Insea congress in 1981, de Zonnehof in Amersfoort, the Art Teachers Annual in Gent (B) and de Kunsthal in Rotterdam in 2001. Gradually she became the most important art teacher for the youngest (3- 6 years) in the Netherlands and her influence in the circle of "Kindergarten- educators was important. When she left our country it was a great loss for art education. Willem Beerman”
January 23, 2010

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