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child art

ga naar workshops (Nederlands)

drawing and painting


The aim of art education is to let children experience and discover while painting and drawing that there are many ways to see and express something. In scribble drawings it is obvious that things have no definite shape and meaning; the child seeks and finds several possibilities to shape its ideas.

The viewer often has difficulty with that, since he views the child's impressions/images with those of his own. But often it is not recognized that this ability to seek and find solutions quickly dries up when the adult starts telling the child that little chickens should be colored yellow and that the tree is bigger than the house. The ability to seek, examine, change, and so imagine can be preserved and developed. Letting the child experience and see how different things can be in various situations, letting the child play with this phenomenon. In the way children experience their world much more is possible than it seems on first thoughts. Offer the child the possibility to really project itself into situations, by making these tangible and perceptible. A feature of working expressively is that it is possible to have many solutions to one and the same problem. To teach the child to get and have an eye for that enriches it.


By comparing the series of drawings a child's personal development becomes very clear.
In his development Michiel shows various lines, one drawing is highly decorative, or impressive, while the next suddenly shows strongly nervous movements. This changing occurs constantly. From the images it appears that the way of viewing is strongly influenced by that subject indicates. Where quietness and vagueness predominate this becomes visible in the image. When the involvement evokes intense emotions then on the hand the  elaboration is very passionate.

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