child art






the beginning

In 1970 Marja de Jong started giving painting-lessons to young children. It began with the request of a mother who specially wanted Marja de Jong to give her child lessons in drawing and painting. Three to eighteen-year-old children now work weekly under her inspiring guidance. The AllaprimA foundation has organized special exhibitions with the results of these drawing-lessons and is publishing a book with children's drawings and paintings.




work expressively

The general aim of expressive creation is to teach children to observe and experience in a conscious way. Children learn to convert this observing and experiencing into two- and three-dimensional images. They become aware of what they see, hear, feel and experience. They learn to be open to coincidences, to changes and several solutions to a problem. This fundamental attitude can be developed within the field of expressive creation.


art library

During the years the AllaprimA Foundation has collected an interesting art and art education library. This collection is open for artists, art teachers and all those who are interested in studying in these fields.
The library is located in the old Railway Station of Hiirola (Finland)



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