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In collaboration with AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry in Finland the AllaprimA Foundation supports international art masters classes for students of artschools and art academies.

The innovative program for MASTERCLASSES AND RESIDENCIES ART AND ART EDUCATION will explore the facilities and expertise available for art and art education for students. The keywords are art, creativity, education and civilization. The program will include space and individual guidance and supervising during master classes, seminars and residencies. It is the intention to create programs for art students to work on their thesis, their art production and also to study special subjects in art education. The program will also contribute to the English language skills, what is important to participate in an international network. The idea has the warm support of the Chairman, Kirsimaria Törönen-Ripatti and Secretary-General Riitta Moisander of Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta. Both experts are very interested and involved in increasing the quality of this fields in art and art education. The special center for young artists and art teachers will create a qualified education area in Etelä-Savo. There is already interest to cooperate and also to organize art education seminars. The Joutsenon opisto in Lappeenranta and Etelä-Karjalan AMK in Imatra are interested in the possibilities for their students. De KUNSTLINIE – Almere – the Netherlands, IAE – Vienna – Austria, Vocational school for traditional culture – St Petersburg, Russia and the cooperation for art education consultants in the Netherlands are interesting partners.

The purpose of the program MASTERCLASSES AND RESIDENCIES ART AND ART EDUCATION is to set up and carry out in art centre Saksala ArtRadius innovative forms of additional education for students and masters. This program will add and develop new, innovative and permanent education projects. The content of the program will be related to relevant parts in the curriculum of art schools, art academies and art education departments of universities.

The program is based on practical experiences. It starts with working with basal plastic and expressive materials to get involved with thinking through and within the material and come into the fundamental artistic process and to get an intensive dialogue with the personal vision. The program will bring and develop practice-based content, subjects and experiences to students and masters of art schools and art academies to increase their professional skills in art and/or art education. This program will also work and facilitate on the art production of students and masters. It will create possibilities for exchange and collaboration with professional artists, art students and professors from different fields of art and art institutes.

In art centre Saksala ArtRadius, as an institute for art, culture and art education, is unique expertise and content available to create a surplus on the curriculum of art schools, art academies and art education departments of universities.

A part of the program is based on collaboration with different organizations in the field of art in Etelä-Savo to increase the value of the MASTERCLASSES for the individual student. The curators of the Mikkeli Museum of Contemporary Art, the content of Taidekeskus Salmela and Hovi Art of Anttola Hovi are important for the feed back and future of the young artists in the MASTERCLASSES. Also the international contacts of art centre Saksala ArtRadius can stimulate the students in the development of their art production.

The main person in the project - Marja de Jong - is a professional artist and renowned art teacher, and is an expert in the field of art education. Through her philosophy and vision on art and child art she developed (and is developing) an original view on art education. She develops practical methods for different target groups to introduce a fundamental way of art practice on different levels. She practices with art courses in the art centre and in schools, and also set up and executes free time art programs, seminars and workshops. She has long term experiences in supervision of students in teacher training colleges and universities of applied sciences. She focuses on creating an environment where art educators, students and artists can go into the fundamental structure of art in human life. A various team of experts will be available during the program.

The MASTERCLASSES AND RESIDENCIES ART AND ART EDUCATION are based on the view that art, as a part of human culture, have to be structural educated in different levels of the school system, and also to develop tools and skills to practice a coherent art program fitting to the curriculum. This project will increase the standard of art in education. It will add specific and high quality of education to the region of Etelä-Savo.

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