art education projects

In cooperation with the regional Arts Council (Etelä-Savo Taidetoimikunta) and the education department of the city of Mikkeli a series of seminars has been organized.

The art education symposiums are based on the idea to enlarge the artistic skills of (art) teachers in relation to art education. Creating an international art education centre in Eastern Finland has the intention to collect all the important and relevant information from all over the world and offer it to the world of practical education.

Every (art) teacher has to think about the intention of art in general education and in what way art can be a part of the regular school program (curriculum).
The aspect of childhood (the open mind of children) is going on of minor importance in the education programs. Artistic development is, as they all say, of course very important, good, nice and fine and all this kind of descriptions, but you cannot test it. In school programs now a day tests are giving hold on educators, tests are clear and seem to be objective. And worse this kind of education managers is thinking in input and output like it is an economic model. The problem they say is that art is asking so much time and the program is overfull, so art can take less time. Even when official and important papers give report of the importance of art, that's final, no substantive and financial contribution to look after the possibilities to integrate art in education.
This is a problem in almost all western countries.

In the same time officials have no idea what is the meaning of art in education and they are often thinking or saying that spending time on art education is ‘fun’ time and not serious. This regular meaning of many lawmakers and members of parliaments shows that there is no really interest in the way children are learning and how we can help them to grow up as complete individuals able to use their talents.

The worst scenario is going on in teacher training colleges; art education is reduced in time, facilities and financial support. It seems there are no problems, but when the last teachers with an extensive knowledge and experiences about art education had left the schools, nobody can take their places and a part of the education fundament is lost. The results for other parts of education will be visible after that, but than the devisers and the lawgivers have quit the scene. With special art courses and symposiums it is possible to enlarge the quality of art education and give it a fundamental position in the general education program of the school. When art is an integrated part of the education program every child has the possibility to grow in all his human qualities. Just now when art education in teacher training colleges is reduced in time it is important to find new ways in this field. This symposium will be the start of an ongoing art education development.

With the international art education centre we will support art education as a normal part of school curriculum and we can offer individual programs to develop art in a professional way.

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