The AllaprimA Foundation has started a scholarship program for an artist-in-residence in Finland. This program includes the fee, living costs and travel cost for a one month stay in East Finland.

This program is interesting for companies, institutes, organizations etc to support. With low costs an organization can give added value to the social and exclusive image of the company to connect an artist to the promotion of the company.  

The AllaprimA foundation created a clear construction:
-a company or organization and one or more artists (from the same region) are connected to each other
-the artist gets a scholarship for an artist-in-residence in east Finland
-the company or (art) organization put up a scholarship of 1500€ for one month, used for the stay, travel, daily living and material costs
-the artist can concentrate on the own art production
-the artist donates an art work to the contributors or organizes e.g. a performance, exhibition, or lecture after the return
-the company will be named in the special list for artist-in-residence support

This program is not longer available.


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