AllaprimA Foundation

The AllaprimA Foundation cooperates with the Finnish organization AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry in the field of art and art education.

Until 2011 the AllaprimA Foundation has co-operated with art centre Saksala ArtRadius in Finland.

The huge collection child art, collected from 35 years art education in the AllaprimA Art School in the Netherlands, is since 2011 in Hiirola Station and open for researchers, study and exhibitions.

OpeArtEdu is a co-operation between Etelš-Savon Taidetoimikunta, Mikkeli Education Department, Saksala ArtRadius and the AllaprimA Foundation to develop the art education curriculum in primary schools.

With the ICAF child art organization in Washington is  the collaboration based on exchange of experiences, participating in projects and supporting activities in both directions. In 2011 Marja de Jong is invited to participate in art workshops during the I4th Arts Olympiad in Washington.

The German child art organization little ART in Munich is a partner in exchange about visions on art education, practical experiences and ideas about projects and exhibitions. There is a plan to install an exhibition with a selection from the  child art collection of the Foundation.

In 1981 the AllaprimA Art School has organized a part of the exhibition during the world congress of InSEA in De Doelen in Rotterdam. The exhibition has got a lot of attention and positive comments from attendees of the congress. Marja de Jong has give a one hour lecture about the meaning of scribble drawings.
The AllaprimA Foundation is invited by the Congress Chair Timo Jokela to have a symposium during the European InSEA congress in Rovaniemi in June 2010.
In 2011 Marja de Jong has participated in the World Congress of InSEA in Budapest.

The AllaprimA Foundation co-operates also with several Dutch art education consultants in developing art programs for primary and secondary schools. The KUNSTlinie in Almere is one of these organizations that is developing education programs and activities.

With the Austrian organization IAE (Intercultural Art Education Vienna Austria) the foundation is planning international seminars for (art) teachers. The art education facilitator Jessica White is initiating different projects in east Europe. Intercultural Art Education project enables appreciation of diversity within different communities, so that tolerance can be maintained, understanding can be reached and information flow between communities can increase.

In 2003 the Dutch education publisher DELUBAS has published the art education method UIT DE KUNST for primary schools. The AllaprimA Foundation was active involved in the philosophy, background and practical experiences of this method, which is very successful and used in thousands of primary schools in the Netherlands.

After the presentation of the book 'kindertekeningen, een beeldverhaal' and the exhibition in the KUNSTHAL in Rotterdam in 2001 AllaprimA has co-operate with the art education department of the University Da Minho in Braga, Portugal with an exhibition and different workshops art education.

The AllaprimA Foundation has been active in the exchange with the Belgium OVT organization for art teachers in the Flemish part in Belgium.



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